In Spain tapas are a way of life & a ritual. 

What the tapas bar represents is more than just a place to fuel up, it’s about the spirit of togetherness.  That is what we are trying to achieve, it’s always about the company you’re with.

Our goal is to capture the essence of a tapas bar and share it with San Francisco. barvale, located at 661 Divisadero Street in San Francisco’s NoPa neighborhood, is designed to be a transitional space that transports and delights. It will also function as a meeting spot for friends and as a stop among many on an evening out.  Our bar will serve unpretentious cocktails, Spanish wine, sherry, and cider. Food–paella included–will be served tapas style. barvale is the essence of Spanish culture; it will be inexpensive and filled with people enjoying bites and drinks late into the night.


We work with quality products sourced from California to create a menu that evokes the Spanish way of eating, meaning plates are small and designed for sharing. We draw inspiration from traditional Spanish tapas culture to create dishes that are well-executed and simple in their presentation.



Huevo Relleno 2.5
deviled egg, guindilla

Aceitunas 6
marinated olives, chili

Escabeche 5
pickled eggplant

Pan con Tomate 5
toast, tomato jam

Conserva 8
paprika marinated mussels, potato, aioli

Escalivada 8
peppers, eggplant, burrata, olive, bread

Boquerones 5
white anchovies, spicy sauce


Chicorias 12
chicories, bagna cauda, manchego, almonds

Remolacha 11
beets, frisee, goat cheese, espelette

Verde 11
bib lettuce, radish,
sherry vinaigrette


$7 for one, $19 for three
Serrano dry cured ham
Chorizo dry cured pork sausage
Sobresada cured spreadable chorizo

Mahon semi hard cow cheese
Caña de Oveja soft sheep cheese
Valdeon cow and sheep blue cheese


Croquetas   6
ham and bechamel

Patatas bravas   8
fried potatoes, angry sauce, aioli

Pimentos   6
blistered shishitos, lemon

Setas   9
mushrooms,  manchego, garlic, add egg $2

Garbanzo  8
chickpea and spinach stew, pork belly

Coliflor   8
grilled cauliflower, romesco

Espinaca   8
spinach, kale, raisins, pine nuts

Tortilla de Patata 5
spanish omelet, pimento aioli

Pescaditos a la Romana 8
fried smelt, garlic aioli, lemon

Gambas   13
shrimp, garlic, lemon, grilled bread

Pulpo   15
octopus, potatoes, frisee, salsa verde

Bacalao   12
atlantic cod, piperade, bread crumbs

Pollo al Ajo   9
chicken stew, mushrooms, garlic, sherry

Bocadillo   7
butifarra sandwich, escabeche, aioli, manchego

Morcilla   10
blood sausage, potatoes, onion

Bistec   15
hanger, guindilla

Albondigas   10
lamb and pork meatballs, tomato, herb yogurt


   for two or more

Paella de Mariscos 16 per person
shrimp, clams, mussels, bomba rice,
lobster stock, aioli

Cola de Buey 12 per person
braised oxtail, mirepoix, mashed

Parrillada 34
pork chop, chorizo, potatoes, guindillas


Helmed by industry vet Tim Hagney, the cocktail menu is innovative, without being too serious or pretentious. Well executed cocktails, including a variety of gins and tonics, authentic Spanish cocktails made with Spanish wine and Spanish vermouth, and a variety of spirits on tap are on display. All cocktails strike a balance between refreshing and savory, mimicking the two pronounced characteristics of sherry.

Join Us

We take a limited number of reservations and save half of our restaurant for walk-ins

(415) 654-5211

Sunday 11am – 10pm
Monday 5-10pm
Tuesday 5-10pm
Wednesday 5-10pm
Thursday 5-10pm
Friday 5-11pm
Saturday 11am-11pm
Happy Hour Every night from 5:00-6:30pm