barvale, a bright and airy restaurant by day, offers unobstructed views of a bustling Divisadero Street to the East and the Divisadero Farmers’ Market (Sundays only) to the north. It’s the perfect setting for a long and lively catch-up with friends & family over runny eggs and carafes of cocktails. Brunch is served from 11am til 3pm and we feature a delicious brunch paella that is perfect for sharing.




Churros 8
dark chocolate

Granola 8
greek yogurt, fruit, honey 

French Toast 11
sherry custard, date syrup
almonds, banana, cream


Avocado 8
avocado,levain, radish, pickled onion, lemon vinaigrette

Anchovie 9
tomato jam, levain, anchovies, fennel, salsa verde

Egg Salad  7
egg salad, levain, olive oil, fried capers


Benedict 12
two poached eggs, sobrasada, brioche,  hollandaise, salad

Florentinos 13
two baked eggs, spinach, mornaise, bread
add bacon 4

Chorizo Hash 14
two fried eggs, chorizo vinaigrette 

Vegetable Scramble 13
goat cheese, potatoes, grilled bread 

Steak and Eggs 19
sunny eggs, skirt steak, potato hash

Americano 11
two eggs any style, fried potatoes, grilled bread
add bacon 4
add merguez sausage 6



 two eggs any style 4
fried potatoes 5
bacon  5
fruit  5
merguez sausage 6



Huevos diablos  $2 each
Deviled eggs
gindilla peppers or crispy serrano

Aceitunas 5
mixed house cured olives

Pan con tomate 6
grilled bread, tomato jam, olive oil
add jamon 3

Croquetas 8
jamon and bechamel croquettes, fried sage

Patatas bravas 7
fried potatoes, smoked brava sauce, aioli

Pimentos 7
blistered shishitos, smoked sea salt, pimentón lemon


Ensalada de chicorias 12
chickory salad, bagna cauda, piquillos, almonds, manchego

Greens 11
gem lettuce, beets, fennel, sherry vinaigrette, shaved manchego, crispy chickpeas

Bowl 12
barley, kale, roasted squash, pepitas, raisins, vinaigrette


Bocadillo de Chorizo 12
chorizo, romesco, manchego, baguette

Sliders 11
catalan sausage sliders, manchego, romeso, side salad

Grilled Ham & Cheese 10
cheese, ham, membrillo, side salad